Saturday, May 12, 2012

WCF Matchup: (3) Phoenix Coyotes vs. (8) Los Angeles Kings

The entire schedule for the Western Conference Finals between the Los Angeles Kings and Phoenix Coyotes has been set. Just four wins away from the Stanley Cup Finals:

Game 1
May 13th - LA Kings @ Phoenix Coyotes
5pm (Pacific)

Game 2
May 15th - LA Kings @ Phoenix Coyotes 
6pm (Pacific)

Game 3
May 17th - Phoenix Coyotes @ LA Kings
6pm (Pacific)

Game 4
May 20th - Phoenix Coyotes @ LA Kings
12pm (Pacific)

*Game 5
May 22nd - LA Kings @ Phoenix Coyotes
6pm (Pacific)

*Game 6
May 24th - Phoenix Coyotes @ LA Kings
6pm (Pacific)

*Game 7
May 26th - LA Kings @ Phoenix Coyotes
5pm (Pacific)

*If neccessary

This is a battle between pacific division rivals. The Phoenix Coyotes finished 2 points ahead of the LA Kings for the 3rd seed in the playoffs. None of that matters now with the Kings eliminating the #1 & #2 seed in the Western Conference. The Kings are the hottest team in the playoffs but some say the Coyotes can be the team to stop them.

Season Series Tied 3-3:
(Oct. 22nd) LA Kings 2-0 Phoenix Coyotes
(Oct. 29th) LA Kings 2-3 Phoenix Coyotes OT
(Dec. 26th) Phoenix Coyotes 3-4 LA Kings
(Jan. 5th) Phoenix Coyotes 0-1 LA Kings OT
(Feb. 16th) Phoenix Coyotes 1-0 LA Kings
(Feb. 21st) LA Kings 4-5 Phoenix Coyotes SO

Winner of this series will represent the Western Conference in the Stanley Cup, something the Los Angeles Kings fans have been waiting for since 1993.

Photo credit: AP

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  1. Ive been a Kings fan since the day Gretzky got traded from the Oilers. I live in Southern Ontario and it is my dream to go see game 4. Tickets seems either very difficult or really pricey thru ticket sites. Was was excited when i scoored Kings tickets but the Rangers just tied it up So if i do end up going to L.A. I want to party with some die hard Kings fans .