Friday, May 25, 2012

Great Careers for People Who Love Sports

Many of you love sports, especially Los Angeles-area sports teams such as the Lakers, Clippers, Dodgers, Angels, and Kings, as well as the NCAA Division I college sports teams fielded at UCLA and the University of Southern California. Many of you may also enjoy playing sports as well. Your love of sports does not necessarily have to be limited to being a fan or a leisurely hobby, though. There are many ways in you can combine your passion for sports with an economically viable job. Here are some great careers for people who love sports:
  • Fitness Trainers – There are many jobs available in the fitness training field. The most common route is to work for a gym or health club. Some individuals with fitness goals and needs hire personal trainers, whether attempting to improve their lifestyle habits or for playing in individual sports, such as tennis, gymnastics, or boxing. Many sports teams will also hire fitness trainers to improve the strength, flexibility, and conditioning of team members. Fitness trainers can also find work at hospitals, rehabilitation centers, yoga studies, and cruise ships.
  • Sports Venue Employees – There are many jobs that one can work at a sports venue, such as a stadium or a ballpark. For example, there is the groundskeeper, who is responsible for keeping the playing field in excellent condition for games. You can also work the at concession stands, selling food or souvenirs to fans attending the games. Other sports venue positions include selling and accepting tickets for parking and games, parking lot attendant, security, fan services representative, advertising and special events representative or coordinator, and a stadium secretary or administrative staff.
  • Sports Management – Sports managers can find employment in many areas and levels in the sports field. One can manage a community recreation center or a community sports league. You can coach individual athletes or entire sports teams, whether at the amateur, collegiate, or professional level. The field of sports management also includes sports administration, which includes such as director of an athletic program of a university. Additional work in sports management includes general manager of a professional sports team, managing a sports media department, manger of a sporting goods store or company, and work in the financial or accounting department of a company.

    While one can work their way up the career ladder to secure employment in sports management, the best method is to pursue a formal college degree in sports management. For more information, check out By taking such coursework as business, administration, leadership, and sports-related classes, you can receive the training and skills to be successful in the sports management field.
  • Sports Journalism – Sports journalism is the closest thing you can do with regards to being close to the fan experience while making a living. You can write for traditional sports media, such as the sports sections of local or national newspapers or magazines such as “Sports Illustrated” or “ESPN the Magazine.” You can also be contributors to health, fitness, out outdoors related magazines, such as “Men's Health,” “Adventure” magazine, “Field & Stream,” or “Runner's World.” A growing element of sports journalism is on the Internet, writing on sports-related blogs or websites, or being an administrator for a sports-related forum.

    If you prefer the verbal level of communication, you can be a sports announcer or commentator. Give play-by-play analysis or color commentary during a game, or expert analysis perform hosting duties for a television or radio sports show or sports media news outlet or online site.
  • Sport Agent – A sport agent is one of the most lucrative jobs in the sports world. When players sign a contract with a sports team, sports agents often get a significant commission for brokering the contract. Sports agents will also perform many other duties, such as helping market their clients, booking appearances or shows, and managing many areas of an athlete's professional life.
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