Sunday, January 22, 2012

Panini America's West Coast Trip Continues With Kobe Bryant

Last week, Panini America announced that they are currently on a West Coast road trip trying to obtain autographs from some of the best basketball players in the NBA. Brian Bayne from Panini was able to get Blake Griffin & Eric Bledsoe on the same day.

The tougher task was trying to find time for an autograph session with Kobe Bryant. Brian didn't disappoint Panini America fans and here's a look at the autograph session for 2011 Preferred Basketball. 

Panini America also give us a look at the jersey pieces they use before they insert them into the cards.

Looks like there will be no Kobe Bryant & Blake Griffin Redemption Cards in 2011 Preferred Basketball. The Silhouette rainbows look awesome. Panini America has done a great job so far.

For more information, visit Panini America's Blog.

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