Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Upcoming Appearance - Roger Owens "The Peanut Man"

Roger Owens is the famed peanut vendor who tosses bags of peanuts under-the-leg, behind-the-back, and two at a time, all with unbelievable accuracy, and to those seated even more than 30 rows away. Roger has charmed and amazed generations of fans with his show within a show at Dodger Stadium for nearly 45 years, and 50 years if you include the Coliseum from '58 to '61. {Roger Owens website}

Want to meet the Famous Peanut Man from Dodger Stadium? 

South Bay Baseball Cards
1751 Pacific Coast Highway
Lomita, CA 90717

December 3, 2011
Pack Opening Party

Photo by: Culture Shlock


  1. Do you know if he's gonna be selling his book and if he's charging for the auto?

  2. He won't be selling his book, but he will be signing autographs for retail customers.