Thursday, January 27, 2011

2011 NBA All Star Starters Announced

The announcement of the 2011 NBA All Star Game starters took place during tonight's episode of "NBA Tip-Off" on TNT. Host Ernie Johnson with NBA analysts Charles Barkley and Kenny Smith let us in on who will be featured in the Feb. 20 All Star Game.

My Predictions (Starters/Reserves): Linkd Here

Here are the selected starters by the fans:

Western Conference:
PG - Chris Paul (Hornets)
SG - Kobe Bryant (Lakers)
SF - Kevin Durant (Thunder)
PF - Carmelo Anthony (Nuggets)
C - Yao Ming (Rockets) *Will Be Replaced Due To Injury

Eastern Conference:
PG - Derrick Rose (Bulls)
SG - Dwyane Wade (Heat)
SF -Lebron James (Heat)
PF - Amar'e Stoudimare (Knicks)
C - Dwight Howard (Magic)

1 comment:

  1. I really can't argue with those selections too much. It's nice that Yao was selected as I feel for the guy with all those injuries, but he really doesn't deserve the selection.

    I really hope K. Love makes the team. He deserves it.

    I'm still waiting for Eddie Curry to make the All-Star team for my Knickerbockers. Nice job Zeke.